What is Business Development?  

What is Construction Design, Build, FM?

What is the synergy of profitability ?





My understanding is that Business D in Construction Design & Build & FM (BD as commonly known) is a clever and practical harvest of  ability to meet Client's needs (TEFEUT),  shaping Engineering thinking into Profitable Synergies (FAMASU)  mixed in a Project Planning Bowl when adrenalin meets the sweat, steel, concrete and the people. Therefore Design&Build&FM is not just maintenance of buildings but it is a strategic business tool to ensure all corporate facilities are profitable, sustainable and in congruence with the Corporate Strategy (and do to it within ISO9001:2008{2015})


To be able to achieve 'Construction D&B&FM, the Business D' on the International arena, you have to add cultural appreciation and a strong multi cultural HRM&HRD to a strong flavour of understanding techno-marketing (not just sales and simple BD but a good portion of advanced marketing knowledge). Managing all these under the Techno-Commercial Marketing Format (not just ordinary Marketing) is INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT IN CONSTRUCTION.. Thus, 'THE BUSINESS D' is strategic management concept in a package that discovers and develops congruences and synergies of business activities!!!


Sometimes it is easier to show and perform how it is done than to write pages on the subject.. It is more difficult to squeeze 33 years of Business D experience into a virtual sheet only few cm2 in size, so I invite you to come to my world of performance of 'The Art of Business D'


A good example maybe found on 'developing construction business case' for Hoover Dam and Canary Wharf (recommend some of the video presentations on 'YouTube' under 'Hoover Dam Bridge' and 'Boulder Dam - Hoover Dam' and Canary Wharf construction to see how Construction+D&B&FM+HRM was fused into Business Development)


Please feel free to leave your comments above or call me to talk about the International opportunities in Construction Design & Build, FM, Supply Chains and HRM/HRD..     HAL

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