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Hal-Luke  Savas   MBA, FCIM, MBIFM, ICIOB aff.CIBSE



Hal-Luke is affectionately known to his International colleagues and friends simply as ‘Hal’ and he is often referred to as a true world citizen, having lived, worked and toured in four continents during the last 30 years or so. His prolonged tertiary education began on the 29th of October, 1975 at Northrop University, Los Angeles-USA as a candidate for BSc Aerospace Engineering, yet completed on a different format under advanced management studies with an MBA gained at the University of Leicester in the UK; specialising in International techno-marketing on building energy technologies.


He is often quoted as saying .. ‘I wanted to design and build good aircraft but rather ended up side-by-side with good energy efficient buildings’.  Although University education began and ended on a different note, his life long desire for continuous personal development has enabled Hal, even today, to continue with sustained learning initiatives including, but not limited to, personally educating and training more than thousand managers at various levels in the Middle East; on management and marketing specialities.  He has been approved tutor at the Edinburgh Business School MBA programme and has organised and delivered educational and commercial development courses and lectures to some of the world renown corporations.  Hal also held senior positions in commercial development projects in the UK, Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia and has extensive experience in working and developing  commercial, residential construction projects in the UK, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Libya, Egypt and Afghanistan (some on turn-key basis).


Colleagues often highlight his unique combination of academic and commercial experience in incorporating management within techno-mechanical construction and novel building technologies envelope as the foundation stone of his problem-solving qualities. In fact, it can be said that Hal has the strategic advantage of ability to form multi national teams with problem solving abilities presented in an International package. This has been extensively utilised within the organisations he has worked with and many of his friends, subordinates and superiors around the world still consult him where needed. Indeed, he has established long lasting friendships during many stages of his working life; especially in developing MENA businesses and projects.  


In a single sentence, he is a hands on generalist global business developer in construction design, build & and FM that gets up and goes to finish the project!  His job is to expand the business and make it more profitable; hence his generalist skills set in specialist knowledge of management and marketing.


In consequence, Hal has the ability to add value to, or trouble shoot International projects due to his personal and commercial attributes, through his keenness to apply advanced human relations management techniques and readily introduce new technologies to efficient buildings construction. Indeed, various past reference letters and performance indicators can be produced in support of future aspirations and notable business development initiatives.


He is rather proud of his British, European and International associations and deeply  grateful for the opportunity to apply  many years of his construction business and project development experience in the service of his friends and patrons.



.... 33 years on , still going steady & strong and shall be going steady & strong  .....


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