an effective fit for the purpose    

an efficient loyal  employee or a considerate employer

From 5 star office suites and hotels to hut dotted distant site work, 48c desert heat to -37c ice packed airports, tea boy to Chairman, Bethnall Green neighbourhoods to Aral Sea's port without a sea, kerb mounting Chelsea tractors to Himalayan buses on prayers.. the satisfaction of work 'well done' and a simple 'thank you Hal' is a superb feeling!


Working around the globe demands the toughness of an athlete and tact of a diplomat.  One also has to prove his experience in his work, prove his strength to handle the physical & proverbial knocks and still possess the stamina and the agility of a mountain goat moving with Swiss precision..    


In some cases good health had to be proven through extensive medical checks, special training for harsh environments, medical and professional clearances of physical and mental capability and others.. Even then had to provide a clean record from security departments and when the work started had to work long hours until the teamwork is set in motion.


My work required stamina, strength in both body and head; for sure!.

It required concentration, determination and warm heart in all environments, end result had to be HR efficient, ROI profitable, EVA cost effective. My work

taught me to perform equally well in the fired-up Board Room or in the deceptively calm work sites, in the streets of London or on sand dunes of Africa.


I have trained in heavy sport to social responsibility and received education from one of the top 16 British Universities and successful business people, yet still training, still learning, still eager to do better. WORK GOES ON!


I cherish Knowledge - Experience - Stamina & Determination to succeed.  

No matter where or when, how or why, the body and the mind had to be ready... Therefore, there is no such thing as 'too young' or 'too old' to perform; targets never age  but with maturity one's experience and capabilities shine! ........ tale of kindness and wisdom of years  .......